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Travel Consultations

At Apple Tree Pharmacy we can provide you with a comprehensive check for all your travel needs.

Travel Consultation 

Taking off on a sunshine holiday? Planning a backpacking adventure? We are here to help you prepare for your trip with our comprehensive checks.  

You can choose to have a face-to-face consultation or a telephone consultation with our Pharmacist.

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Did you know we are a Yellow Fever vaccination centre?

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Travel Advice

During your consultation our Pharmacist will complete a risk assessment to determine if you require any vaccines, which vaccines are right for you, as well as your suitability for each treatment.

A travel consultation with our qualified Pharmacist is just £30.00. 

* Prior to your consultation we recommend that you contact your GP surgery and request your vaccination records.  This will help our pharmacist identify which ones you may be up to date with, and which need a booster.  

A travel consultation with our qualified Prescribing Pharmacist is just £30.00. 

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