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New Medicine 

The New Medicine Service is a free NHS service, offered through our pharmacy, to help you understand your condition and get the most out of your medicine.  The service is for people who have received their first prescription to treat a range of conditions.  

New Medicine Service

How will it help me?

Between 30% and 50% of prescribed medicines are not taken as 
recommended. This means that a lot of medicines are wasted or are not as effective as they could be.

The service will:

  • help you to find out more about the new medicine you are taking

  • help to sort out any problems you are having with your new medicine

  • give you a chance to ask questions about your medicine and discuss any concerns

  • help to improve the effectiveness of your new medicine, for example, there may be an easier or better way to take it

  • help you to make your own decisions about managing your condition.

How it works


Step 1 

Your pharmacy team will give you information about your new 


Step 2 

Have your first consultation, either in store or over the phone with a pharmacist 7 - 14 days after getting your new medicine


Step 3 

Follow up consultation 14 - 28 days after getting your new medicine

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