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Prescription services

Apple Tree Pharmacy is one of the very few Independent Family Owned Pharmacies where our patients and customers are our number one priority, We look forward to assisting you with your medicines management.

Invisble Prescriptions

No more green bits of paper

Forget the green bits of paper, that’s “Old News”!

1. Order your items from your GP surgery as before.

2. Tell the surgery you want to collect your medicines from Apple Tree Pharmacy in Chelmer Village.

3. Your doctor will then send your electronic prescription directly to us: no need to go to your surgery to collect the green script.*

​4. Sign up to our free texting service to receive a notification, when your medication is ready for collection. **

4. Pop in to Apple Tree Pharmacy and collect your items.

That’s it!

* Please be advised that this can take up to 48hours for your GP to send your prescription. 

**Please note, is it recommended visit your Doctor in plenty of time, as you may need to allow 5-7 working days to allow for ordering medication.  

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