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What is Chickenpox? 

Varicella Zoster, also known as chickenpox, is a common viral infection usually caught in childhood. It’s highly contagious and is spread through coughing, sneezing, and direct contact. 

Although it’s not usually dangerous, chickenpox can be very unpleasant as it causes an itchy rash and a fever. In most cases, the symptoms clear within a week.

Chickenpox Vaccine 

The chickenpox vaccine belongs to a group of vaccines referred to as “live” vaccines. This means, that it contains a weakened version of the virus that causes chickenpox. The vaccine causes your immune system to react to the vaccine. 
As a result, you’ll be immune to it if you catch the virus at a later date.



The course consists of two doses.

Each dose will cost £70.00 (full cost of course is £140)


Once you have completed the two dose course, you will not need further boosters.

How it is given:

An injection, usually given in the upper arm.

Side effects:

The vaccine can cause a range of mild side effects, such as tiredness, fever or digestion problems. In some cases it can cause a mild chickenpox like rash.

Age restrictions:

The chickenpox vaccine is suitable for patients 1 year of age up to the age of 65. It is only recommended if you have not had chickenpox.

Please note:

The chickenpox vaccination should be administered 5 weeks after the MMR vaccine.  

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