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Apple Tree Aesthetics 

Bharvi Patel 

Apple Tree Pharmacy 

6 Chelmer Village Square 



United Kingdom


A Bit About Me

A little about me so you know you’re in good hands. I am a Medically trained Prescribing Pharmacist with over 20 years experience.

What does that mean?

As a pharmacist I am a healthcare professional, which means I have a governing body that ensures I am working competently, safely and continually updating my skills and knowledge.

How am I a medical practitioner?

I am a medically trained prescribing pharmacist which means I can clinically assess patients, take a thorough medical history, carry out clinical examinations, diagnose, prescribe medication to treat and care for my patients. I utilise these skills in my pharmacy, Apple Tree Pharmacy located in Chelmer Village.

How long have I been in aesthetics

I started Apple Tree Aesthetics over 5 years ago in Apple Tree Pharmacy and I have decided to branch out to other areas to make myself more accessible.

Why I do aesthetics?

My passion is all about skin and loving the skin you are in and I want to help others to do so too, through the help of my extensive toolkit. You can see some of my work on my Instagram page @appletreeaesthetics

Treatment Menu


A consultation is required for all new patients and for treatment plans.  The cost is £50 and can be redeemed against a treatment or skin care purchase. To qualify for redemption, the treatment or skincare purchase must be scheduled on the same day for a future appointment.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments 

Anti wrinkle injections 

  • One area of upper face either crows feet or frown lines £225 

  • Two areas of upper face crows feet+ frown lines or forehead lines + frown lines £250 

  • Three areas of upper face £275

  • Four areas £295 (includes bunny lines and upper face 

For stronger muscles and additional £25 per area may be applied.


For individual areas additions for treatment £150 per areas ask for addition during upper face treatment (bespoke treatment plans).

Anti wrinkle injections to tighten jawline only  £200 

Neck lift (Nefrititi lift) £350 

Facial slimming/teeth grinding £275

Review for additional treatment £75 

Underarm sweating £350 

Review for additional treatment  £150  

Skin Boosters (hydration and moisture replacement)

Profhilo  £225 
Polyneucleotides face/ body/ hair  £220 
Polyneucleotides eye : £475 (£200 each)  
Seventy hyal : £100 
Skin rejuvenation with Redensity 1 and RHA 1 £375 single session 
Redensity 1 x 3 sessions £495 (£200 each) 
Beautifeye x 3 sessions £475  (£175 each) 
Bio Nurti neck x 3 sessions £495 (225 each) 
Wow fusion £199 per session 
Wow fusion with anti wrinkle £275 

Dermal Fillers

Mid Face restoration/enhancement £650

Lower face sculpting/rejuvenation £750

Specific areas from £275

Lip filler from £225 to £275 for up to 1ml 


It is not all about anti ageing, I can help with specific skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, scarring and deep lines. Treatment for these involves regenerative and restorative regimes. These are a special group of treatments designed to regenerate your skin by activating your skins’ own remodelling process while healing to produce those famous proteins, collagen and elastin that are crucial to improve the skin’s radiance, scars, pigmentation, deep lines and general health.

Wow Fusion

Wow fusion uses tiny sterile needles that puncture the skin to activate healing and regeneration of healthy skin.

  • WOW fusion- microneedling and skin booster treatment combined, which can be tailored to patients’ specific concerns, with little down time. This is a perfect treatment before a big event.

    • £150 per session


The latest treatment to hit this industry by storm. Polynucleotides directly activates the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin (unlike any other treatment). Used for hair thinning, ageing lines on face, neck and eyes, acne scarring, rosacea redness, scars and more.

  • £200 per session

Three to four sessions required for optimum results. 

Home Skin care /Skin PEELs 


  • Medical Grade Home skin care range by Alumier MD (only available through aesthetic clinics).

  • Clinic Skin PEELs targeting specific concerns from £130 per session

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