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Having difficulty securing an appointment with the GP?

You can book a private consultation with our Prescribing Pharmacist

Here at Apple Tree Pharmacy, we're well aware of how busy general practitioners are these days, and we know it can be a real challenge to secure timely appointments. That's why we proudly provide private pharmacist consultations. Our goal is to connect with our community, ensuring that we truly understand your health needs. Plus, we're delighted to offer potential prescription services to address your specific requirements. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to provide care that's friendly, supportive, and tailored to you.

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Consultation Pricing

Private Consultation

With our Prescribing Pharmacist at Apple Tree Pharmacy. The consultation will last 15 minutes and cost £20.00.

Booking your consultation
How to use our service 

Appointments can be made in person, over the telephone or by emailing us.

Private Consultation Services 

Prescribing Medication

At times, unexpected situations can arise, and you might find yourself in need of your medication promptly. That's where our consultations step in to lend a hand! While we can't promise an automatic prescription, our caring clinical consultants will carefully assess your situation during your consultation.

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